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Orgainc Agriculture Development and Promotion

Information Technology Enabled Services

Biotechnology for Agriculture and Environment

Human Resource & Agripreneurship Development

Agribusiness Value Chain

Microfinance for Disadvantaged Population

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Morarka Foundation
A not for profit voluntary organization was set up by Mr. Kamal M. Morarka in 1993 to create wealth for the nation through innovations in resource management and capacity building of the people. From being a successful grass-root level implementing agency for 10 years, today it is also being recognized as a leading resource organization offering solutions for sustainable agriculture in the world.

Highlights and Front Ranking Efforts

Agri Infotech

Morarka Organic

Organic Food Marketing

At Morarka Foundation, we...
  • Believe in encouraging new initiatives.
  • Aspire to create wealth for the community.
  • Encourage professionals to work for voluntary sector.
Strive to be recognized as a professinal service delivery agency.